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A policy is tested when insurance claims are being made and paid. We guide our clients throughout the process of the claim journey.


Our Claims Services provides immediate and expert counsel to navigate the complexities of disputed insurance claims. Unlike other service providers, Acclaim provides strategic advice and relationship management throughout the life cycle of the claim, a function usually undertaken by independent law firms or other claims consultants at significant cost to the client.

Our claims advocacy approach seeks to understand our clients’ needs and acting on their behalf in a way that represents their best interests. Our aim is to create beneficial outcomes that will enable the effective management of client expectations and maximize insurance recovery.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who comes from diverse background in insurance brokers, underwriting, surveyors and loss adjusters can further allow Acclaim to provide the best claims service to our clients on all classes of insurance.

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Insurance Claims Advocacy

A claim advocate serves as a valuable asset when dealing with complex and high value insruance claims that has multitude of challenges from cradle to grave. Our experienced team of advocates are equipped with the expertise to navigate complexities, ensuring fair treatment and optimal outcomes.

Our role in proactive advocacy is clear communication, and strategic resolution significantly eases the burden of managing claims. This dedicated support to you, our client not only enhances the chances of a favorable resolution but also minimizes potential oversights or procedural pitfalls that might arise in direct dealings with insurers.

Because of our dedicated Acclaim Global Network, our Claim Solutions team taps on this network expertise  market insight with data-driven strategies to streamline the entire claims process for businesses, providing a transparent and tailored approach to address their specific claims challenges.

Lastly, offering insights and lessons learned from the claims process not only adds value to the current situation but also contributes to preventing similar losses in the future, demonstrating a proactive and forward-thinking approach flows from our adovcacy to claims management and risk mitigation.

How to File an Insurance Claim?

  1. Choose the Insurance Type(s)
  2. Fill out the form with the basic set of necessary details
  3. Upload the proof of age, address and professions through our portal
  4. Schedule an phone or in person interview with our agents at your convenient time of the week
  5. Complete the quote and make the payment online
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