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Our expertise in agriculture and aquaculture industry translates insurance into simple yet comprehensive terms for our clients.


Acclaim’s Agriculture Practice has been working with both public and private institutions, specialist consultants and intermediaries in Asia to help structure relevant insurance solutions with support from international agriculture insurers and reinsurers.

Our team provides our clients with agricultural risk management to support the placement of their insurance solutions.  

From a corporate social responsibility perspective, our practice improves the quality of life for local communities in emerging economies by making appropriate insurance solutions available to farms – this allows them to attract the necessary funding and investments. We are proud to have achieved this objective on several occasions.


Our expertise extends to the following segments within the agriculture industry

  • Crops (In areas such as Forestry and Horticulture)

  • Aquaculture

  • Livestock

We offer “Comprehensive” and “Named perils” solutions, as well as Parametric and weather index-based solutions.
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