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Real Estates

Acclaim works with corporations across the real estate industry (such as real estate & property companies; REITs and property & fund managers) to manage and grow their portfolios in the region. We enable our clients to better understand risk, which empowers them to take on new challenges and/or focus on what is truly important in the management of their businesses. 
Our specialist teams are well versed in various aspects of risk management and with insurance solutions. Acclaim’s key differentiator is our ability to customise solutions that are unique to each business – we act as business enablers, with our focus on ensuring that these solutions are in sync with the strategic goals of the business.

We can help with:

  • New acquisitions or divestments
  • Constructions projects
  • Contractual risk management
  • Risk engineering services
  • Claims advocacy
Trade Credit, Surety & Political Risks (TCPR)