Global Network

Acclaim is pleased to be invited to join several established Global Networks as a member and/or shareholder. These networks are managed by full-time professionals responsible for the service standards and well-being of the network. The Corporate Officers of these networks serve to support the members/shareholders in the delivery of quality and consistent services to their global clients.    

Each member/shareholder undergoes stringent regular reviews and are committed to support fellow members/shareholders. The Corporate Offices define and refine rules that govern all members/shareholders, engage and build rapport with global insurance markets, develop and maintain global tools and resources as well as establish global specialty practices to support members/shareholders and their clients.     

These global networks are:

Assurex Global founded in 1954 is the oldest independent brokers network with a premium thoughput on USD29 billion (Headquartered in the USA)
BrokersLink established in 2004, offers a global strategic approach and genuine local knowledge with an annual premium of USD15 billion (Headquartered in Switzereland)
GBN Worldwide was established in October 2014, with members’ presence in more than 100 countries and total premium thoughput of USD6 billion. (Headquartered in the UK)

Through these networks, Acclaim is able to deliver quality and consistent services across the globe to our global and regional clients. Many of our clients have benefited from our ability to leverage on global premium transactions (original: throughput), specialty resources, specialist network partners and tools.